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Let's go modern. Carefully. 

Setting up a modern workplace? Here’s how you know if you’re buying something you don’t need. Austin Breathnach explains common pitfalls and best practices for a UEM journey.

"The number one issue I encounter when talking to organisations. ‘I just don’t know where to start’ is a common concern and the fundamental first step to getting all this right. Ploughing ahead with little or no focus on security seems like an irresponsible and an unthinkable approach to any IT activity, and when it comes to modern management, never the approach taken. Right?"

There’s often a tendency to gloss over, or make little of, the huge technological and organisation shift require to bring about a secure, efficient, effective modern workplace environment. In this non-technical paper, Austin is putting a spotlight on that challenge and sharing a few thoughts and ideas that might help if you are struggling to steer the best course as your organisation evolves into a ‘modern workplace’.

Whitepaper Contents:

  • Managing risks 
  • Choosing controls
  • Planning your journey
  • FAQ's on 'Passwordless'
  • Where to start - Your UEM checklist