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CWSI & Corrata

Operating as Corrata's exclusive Irish re seller, we are offering a one month free trial of the Corrata platform on five enterprise devices and complete access to the powerful Corrata Console.

Simply fill out this form and you'll be taken to Corrata's portal where they'll take care of the rest. You can be up and running in about 15 minutes!

Corrata provides deeper visibility and granular control over device activity to protect against mobile threats and manage mobile data usage.

Arrange Free Trial of Corrata

Corrata is an award-winning provider of mobile security and usage control software for enterprises.

Advanced Security & Control for Mobile 

Corrata’s unique and simple to deploy solution extends the level of security and control of devices connected to the corporate network to mobile.

When connected to cellular data or residential and public Wi-Fi, mobile devices may be exposed to security risks which are invisible to the business and often go unnoticed by the end-user.


Corrata's solution offers:

  • Unrivaled visibility and control over security and data usage on mobile devices.
  • Uses granular visibility and control of device activity to provide 
    instant, targeted protection against mobile threats.
  • Offers an administration dashboard for monitoring.


Detect & prevent malicious attacks

  • Protect against social engineering attacks by blocking access to phishing over email, SMS, social media and messaging applications. 
  • Filter malicious sites and content. 
  • Prevent malware infection by blocking access to unofficial app stores. 
  • Disable malware by intercepting communications with CnC infrastructure.


Maintain compliance with acceptable use policies

  • • Prevent access to content considered inappropriate, harmful or illegal.
  • Block access to categories of content which conflict with an organization’s acceptable use policy e.g. gambling.
  • Restrict usage of unapproved cloud services e.g. Dropbox.
  • Keep employees productive by limiting usage of social media apps and streaming sites.


Control data usage to reduce unnecessary costs

  •  Tailor data use policies to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Set daily and/or monthly caps on data usage for individual employees for both domestic and international roaming usage.
  • Blacklist high bandwidth entertainment apps from using data and whitelist business critical apps to ensure the job gets done.